Ethical Gift Guide 2018: for she who is off on adventures

She's been planning this trip for months and has a countdown clock ticking away on her phone, so she can tell you at any given time how many days/weeks/minutes there are to go until she grabs her bag and her passport and heads off into the horizon.  Adventure awaits!

What to give someone who's about to condense all their possessions into a backpack or suitcase for a while?  With a bit of thought, you can gift beautiful, sustainable alternatives to both everyday necessities and little luxuries: things that can be used again and again, and fully deserve their place on the packing list.

 Ethical gift guide for travellers

- Gift a multi-purpose item of clothing like this Pocket Cocoon Dress from Sotela that will earn its space in the smallest suitcase or backpack over and over again.  Dress it up, dress it down, add layers in cooler climates and sandals in the heat.

- Solid shampoo bars save on plastics, luggage space and often preservatives too.  Lush has a wide range to suit different hair types, and they also sell tins to store the bars in.

- Plastic toothbrushes are a big contributor to pollution - this bamboo toothbrush and matching case may not be a glamorous gift, but when there's no space in the case for frivolous extras I do think it's thoughtful to give a considered version of something they'll carry anyway.  And that's one less toothbrush going to landfill or in the ocean!

The Infini Multi-Use Textile by Kara Weaves.  "As the name suggests, there are literally infinite ways to use this product: as a beach towel, picnic mat, wraparound, sarong, table cloth, summer scarf, table cover."  Handwoven in India, available in several colours and currently on sale!

- The Gold is a Neutral Mumtaz clutch is the perfect size to keep essentials like purses, passports, tickets, maps, sunglasses and phones in one place.  Stash it inside a backpack or hand luggage case to keep things organised and safe while on the move, then take it out to see the sights by day or night once you've checked in.  It's deliberately roomy and practical - no useless small clutches here!  Mumtaz features a sunshiny yellow pop against dark indigo blue, hand-dyed in Kutch, alongside durable Piñatex detailing.

- A search for ethical luggage tags brings up a lot of leather options.  No matter how sustainable the craftsmanship I'd still prefer to buy something 100% cruelty free: enter Elvis & Kresse!  This luggage tag is made from retired London fire hose that would otherwise end up in landfill.  New life breathed into a life-giving material.

- Much like the toothbrush, a stainless steel drinking straw and cleaning brush is more practical than stylish, but super useful and environmentally friendly.

- Just in case those travels are a bit too far in the future: the Lonely Planet Where to Go and When calendar for 2019 provides both inspiration and satisfyingly large daily boxes to cross off during the countdown.

- Every adventurer needs a pair of sunglasses, whether they're headed to sun, snow or anything in between.  The Sunda style in Caramel by Bird Sunglasses are lightweight, made from sustainable materials and every pair sold brings the gift of clean and safe light to a family in central Africa through a partnership with SolarAid.

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