Ethical Gift Guide 2018: for the textile nerd

Textile nerds are a joy to buy ethical presents for!  Whether it's something for the house or something to wear, chances are you can find a sustainable gem of a gift in line with her tastes.  

Ethical gift guide for textile nerds

- There's a good chance any textile fiend has quite the collection of cushion covers - add one more!  This Embroidered Vine Cushion Cover is decorated with one of my favourite styles of embroidery from Gujarat - I just love those happy little birds amidst the flowers and vines.

- Selvedge is a bi-monthly magazine for textile lovers with articles covering fine art, craft, design, interiors and shopping.  A gift subscription can be for digital or posted copies, for a time period of your choice.  I'm including this as a sustainable option because it's made with such love and intended to be cherished, but you could eliminate any environmental impact from printing by choosing the digital version.

The Easy Jumpsuit in Indigo by Osei-Duro is hand dyed by traditional dyers in northern Ghana.  It's chic, it's easy to wear, and what textile nerd isn't obsessed with indigo?

- These Mudcloth Journals from The Little Market are created by a social enterprise in India, using 'tree free' paper made by recycling unwanted cotton t-shirts.

- The Gold is a Neutral Salma clutch, featuring a meticulously detailed geometric design hand embroidered by women artisans of the Garasia Jat community.  Kutch is utter heaven for embroidery enthusiasts and working with Salma and Halima on this design was a real highlight of my trips to the region.

- House of Wandering Silk have an incredible collection of necklaces designed to utilise the sari fabric left after the production of other items as part of a zero waste policy.  There are smaller and more subtle options but the big, chunky, vibrant Iris Necklaces - as made for and worn by the indisputable Queen of Style, Iris Apfel - top the list for me!

- A roomy stocking ready and waiting to be filled with goodies!  Each Kantha Christmas Stocking is unique and handmade in India by a family-run fair trade business.

- It might not be picnic weather again for a while, but summer will come!  This traditional Welsh weave wool picnic rug is made in the UK from recycled yarn. The yarn is either the result of old clothes being shredded, respun and rewoven, or redundant yarn saved from landfill and put back into production.

- There's surely space on their tree for this Guatemalan Christmas Angel Worry Doll!  Each one is hand made using traditional craft techniques in a fair trade work environment.  

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