Sustainable Spring Looks

How do you organise your clothing when the weather changes?  How do you shop?  Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?  An impulse buyer?  A devoted capsule wardrobe fan, curating a limited collection of items for each season?  Or do you find things stuffed at the back of a cupboard that you bought several summers ago but have never even taken the tag off?  

Here in Bangkok the weather is fairly constant - hot, hotter, or hot and rainy!  I miss having four seasons but this does mean that all my summer clothing works hard for me year-round.  This last year the sundresses have been stored away to make space for clothes that keep my dignity in check while chasing a crawler around playgroups, and soft fabrics with no beads or other details to be yanked (or chewed) off.  The 30 Wears Challenge has nothing on my mama wardrobe!

While I swelter in peak Thai summer, I'm dreaming of spring and enjoyed putting together some fresh looks, styling our bags alongside pieces from other sustainable fashion brands to welcome the changing seasons.  But in doing so, it's timely to revisit this iconic blog post by Anuschka Rees of Into Mind on building a more ethical wardrobe, no matter what your budget.

It's not all about shopping, it's not all about high-end investment pieces - try repurposing things you already own, borrowing from friends, or buying second-hand.  Shop your own wardrobe - love the clothes you already have!  And when you do need to add something?  Buy less, and buy better.


Spring Break

Ok, so shorts might be a little ambitious for the average British spring but you never know!  A big chunky cardi is a real wardrobe champion for changeable seasons and denim shorts are one of the most reliable items in my own closet.

Fill your bag with: sea glass, pebbles, and other beachy treasures.  Sweeties and a good book.  Suncream!

 Sustainable Spring beach style

Bag: the Gold is a Neutral Sherbanu tie-dyed clutch!
Top: Cross-Back Top in Rubia by Matter
Shorts: Boho Short in Angellic by Nobody Denim
Sunglasses: Bodhi sunglasses in Redwood by Grown
Cuff: Mosaic Arrow cuff multi by Mata Traders
Sandals: Rose Gold Crossover Slide Sandals by Sseko Designs
Cardigan: Amber Wool Knitted Cardigan in Yellow by Beaumont Organics

Mint Tea in the Courtyard
All the blues!  Navy is a neutral?!  Layer up shades of navy in soft, loose shapes with a chic hat on top and these incredible statement shoes.  The inspiration here came from the exquisite courtyard cafe at the Grande Mosquée de Paris, where we drank delicious amber-coloured mint tea surrounded by beautiful blue tiles and lush greenery.

Fill your bag with: Metro tickets, cheesy Eiffel Tower keychains, a real old-fashioned map.  

 Sustainable Spring Mint Tea

Bag: the Gold is a Neutral Dhaniben handwoven clutch!
Dress: Pocket Shift Dress in Navy by Sotela
Shoes: Love Birds by Rungg Shoes
Top: Vesper Top in Midnight Blush by Osei Duro
Hat: Classic Felt Fedora in Prussian Blue by Pachacuti
Ring: Mozaic Ring in Lapis Lazuli by Artisan & Fox
Lip Conditioner: Tinted Lip Conditioner by Ilia


Columbia Road

Mixed prints!  All the colours!  Cherry-on-top red lipstick!  Yep, there's a lot going on here, inspired by the riotous colours of London's Columbia Road Flower Market, an early-morning gem in the city and surely a spring rite of passage.  I would knot or tuck in the tee, and layer up modern gold rings on your flower-picking fingers.

Fill your bag with: Oyster card, camera, and a foldable shopping bag to bring home those blooms!

Sustainable Spring Columbia Road flower market

Bag: the Gold is a Neutral Salma hand-embroidered clutch!
Skirt: Chelaney Maxi by Francis & Benedict
Top: Organic High Tank in Blustripe by Nobody Denim
Earrings: Ruit Stud Earrings by Dutch Basics
Shoes: Smart Courts in Sand by Will's Vegan Shoes & Accessories Co.
Ring: Peridot (August) Birthstone Ring by Covenant Jewellery
Cuff Ring: Tear Drop Cuff Ring by Mata Traders
Lipstick: Lipstick in Wild Child by Ilia



You know at the end of You've Got Mail when Meg Ryan is all bunches of fresh greens, neutral separates, park benches and wildflowers?  That kind of sidewalk cafe, sweet, breezy Kathleen Kelly look is what came to mind here, though these super-cute heels could easily be swapped for sneakers to change it up a bit.

Fill your bag with: a bouquet of sharpened pencils, of course, though technically that's for autumn, not spring...

Sustainable Spring sidewalk cafe

Bag: the Gold is a Neutral Sakina block-printed clutch!
Jeans: Camel Organic Sateen Cropped All-Niter by Monkee Genes
Tank top: Flared Tank Top in Poppy by No Nasties
Jacket: Felipa Hemp Jacket by Thought
Shoes: The Holiday Heel in Conch by Rafa
Necklace: Mystic Layers Necklace in Gold by Mata Traders
Earrings: Hef Triangle Stud Earrings by Dutch Basics
Artwork: the Sidewalk Cafe, Olympia


Brunch, darling

There's probably avocado toast involved, and strong opinions about coffee.  A bit sport luxe, a bit nonchalant, a bit more minimal.  I sampled this bag in navy and pink but ultimately chose the yellow accent as it's a bit more unexpected - I love the way it pops against a clean, simple outfit like this.

Fill your bag with: headphones for podcast-listening, a chic wallet, keys to your Ford Figaro.

Sustainable Spring coffee brunch

Bag: the Gold is a Neutral Mumtaz tie-dyed clutch!
Trousers: Sasha Trousers in Navy by People Tree
Shirt: Button-Down Blouse by Brass
Shoes: Ello-C Natural Gold by Po-Zu (these are made with Piñatex!)
Bralette: Smooth Fit Soft Bra by Woron
Sunglasses: ESH in White Havana by Dick Moby
Nail Polish: Immortal by Pacifica
Earrings: Semi Circle Earrings in Brass by People Tree


Which is your favourite look?  How would you style your bag?

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