Gold is a Neutral: About Us

But the bags aren't even gold!
Ah ha!

Hello!  Gold is a Neutral is about having fun.  It's a choice to see beauty in the every day: a seam of celebration running through the extraordinary ordinary.  A state of mind, if you will.

We make beautiful handbags with love and care, from sustainable materials that won't harm the planet.  Our bags showcase textile arts from around the world, one adventure at a time.  Who made that sassy clutch?  We know their names, and we'll tell you all about them.

My name is Ruth and this brand has emerged out of my obsession with textiles, travels and stories.  After five years working in ethical fashion throughout Asia I'm more convinced than ever that the garment and textile industries need a revolution - and fast.  But I've also had the incredible opportunity to get to know craftspeople one on one; I want to invite you along as we sit down over a cup of tea, and to share their treasures with you.

This is a brand that is centred on joy.  Celebrating global textiles with joy.  Generating fair income with joy.  Accessorising your favourite outfit with joy.  Doing business how we believe it should be done: with fairness, transparency and accountability.

Gold is a Neutral: the very name came from the realisation that a pair of gold shoes would go with everything.  How joyful is that?

Join me for the next adventure, wont you?